"The release of “Ishq Nashila” marks Sapra’s film debut and the response by fans has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has received rave reviews by individuals around the world who appreciate stunning visuals, showmanship and irresistible dance music delivered in jaunty and playful Sapra style.

- Digital Journal

Sapra is a electrifying young rapper who fuses together Bollywood rhythms with contemporary Hip Hop beats. His music addresses important topics including universal themes such as body positivity, love, relationships and drug use.

Blending together elements of Hip Hop and the unique pulsating beats from his native India, Sapra delivers music that maintains an upbeat sensibility that almost anyone can enjoy. His lyricism aims to address relevant social issues while maintaining a high-energy vibration that is distinctive to his sound.

The film “Ishq Nashila” (Pak Chik Pak), starring  rapper and actor, Sapra, was released on Jan. 19, 2018 and quickly garnered 100,000 views on the Speed Records YouTube channel in its first two weeks. The film is a Bollywood dance song with a message and co-stars actress Rey Fakhri. His release titled "Coco" has over a million views on YouTube and showcases Sapra's unique rap skills and original choreography.

Outside of the recording studio, Sapra acts and is part of the famed "Mystic India World Tour." His love and gift of film have allowed him to create content that is both universal and cinematic in its appeal. 

Sapra believes in music's ability to unite, uplift and empower others. He enjoys open eye chanting (namyo horenge kyo) which keeps him focused on his many goals. He is a true visionary who believes art and music have the ability to transform the world. 

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